Sam Poe Lodge 284 AFM
Chartered December 15th 1910 
100th Year Rededication August 28th 2010
SAM POE LODGE 284 business meetings are held on the
2nd Tuesday of every month. We eat at 6:30 and work begins at 7:30.

Please check with the Master or other Officers of each lodge before you attempt a long distance commute. 
We only list what we have been provided and cannot be held responsible for misinformation or cancellations.

Traveling Bible of the 18th District
Location as of ?
Rules for obtaining the Traveling Bible are;
 You need ten Brothers (1 must be current Master or Warden) from your lodge to be present 
You can get the Traveling Bible at any Stated or Called Communication. 

The Hot Gavel of the 18th district
Location as of ?
Rules for getting rid of the Hot Gavel are;
You need five Brothers from your lodge to take the
Hot Gavel on any Stated or Called Communication.

 Due to schedules and human error please check with Master or Secretary to confirm dates and degrees.
I would hate to misinform anyone.
If you know of any changes please let me know
Thank You Buster E. Reid PM